The history of Hermes Kelly Bag

History of Hermes Kelly The Hermes Kelly Bag is an iconic bag. lv官網 While it was created in 1936 it wasn’t until fashionable until 1956, when Grace Kelly showcased her alluring bag. The Hermes Kelly Bag was born and soon became a popular fashion accessory.
The bag is full that is unquestionably stylish, but is notably one of the finer and more sophisticated bags you can find, it’s a bag that you will carry with you to classy functions rather than strolling downtown with your friends. lv鞋子 And while the bag is extremely similar to Hermes Birkin Bag, the Kelly offers its own distinct fashion sense featuring a solid rectangular form free of slouching. 勞力士手錶 The Kelly is also handcrafted with a single handle rather than two.1930A century before the House of Hermes opened the doors of its saddle-making workshops, Robert Dumas created a small bags with straps that ladies could wear.

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