Meaningful Every each month Charitocracy members pool their donations to support one charity that they elect to. Your gift recipient will become members of Charitocracy throughout the year and can nominate and decide on a charity each month with the money they’ve received on their behalf! When you purchase the item, we’ll email you a gift voucher that you can send to the person receiving it or make a copy and give it out on the day you want!
Charitocracy’s gift is the ideal gift for an activist for social justice who is committed to solving social issues or who is curious in learning about the struggles between different communities on the planet and the innovative ways charities approach these issues. Through our members’ monthly nominations for charities it is always interesting to learn about various groups of people in need and the charities that are devoted to making their lives better. Explore these amazing causes and the actions to help you unleash the philanthropist in you! Don’t miss out on becoming part of this enlightened as well as caring group and sharing it with loved ones, too! creative gifts handmade