Hot Prints Popular Spirit Jerseys

One common item that I’ve observed on college campuses is the spirit jersey.
What are Spirit Jerseys?
These are longer-sleeved garments that have words which are heat-pressed on the back of shoulders. Also known as “billboard crews,” most spirit jerseys have left chest designs or logos.
Why are Spirit Jerseys so useful? :
? Resorts/ souvenir shops
? soccer shop club reviews Schools

? Teams
? Special Occasions like weddings, bachelorette parties, etc.
This is just a few examples of what spirit jerseys can be utilized for. These are most popular among women , but I’ve seen men sport the jerseys too. Personally, I have two of them and I’m still in search of more. They’re lightweight and comfortable and great for wearing for classes.
These shirts can be decorated by using pre-cut letters and numbers. replica nba jerseys reddit You can also make your own CADD-CUT. Heat transfer material with a vinyl cutter
If you’d like more information more about the process used to heat print your favorite clothes take a look at The Heat Print and the Profit: Billboard Crew video on

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