Places to Buy Healing Crystals Wholesale

I typically try and buy crystals wholesale at shows that showcase gems where I have the option of picking each crystal by hand.

However, every now and again, I may do an order on a catalog for items like large tumbled stones massage wands, or fun, novelty items.

The best sellers are these! I have ordered them frequently , as well as a couple of times throughout the year.

They all have their part in helping me locate precisely what I’m trying to find!

Wholesale crystal dealers can be a good start point for anyone whose intention is to grow your crystal supplier base or purchase crystals to support your Reiki or crystal healing and massage businesses.

Here are my top picks wholesale crystals. There are also a couple of recommendations by Love & Light students. bulk crystals wholesale (LAST update: January 18, 2022).

If you’re in search of the best places to buy crystals for sale online, even if you don’t own a company, visit this page.

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