The Bag Arrived with Mint Condition

I I was concerned when I received my bag because I was worried that it could arrive in a weird way. That’s what happens when you look at pictures of something online and it looks so beautiful with a good shape and the moment you receive it in real life and it’s sort like… out of place somehow? ブランドベルト メンズ ‘ve had this happen on replica designer clothes and bags several times, more than I can recall. My new LV was almost excellent quality. It held its shape perfectly, regardless of how full it was. There were absolutely zero scratches or marks on the hardware, and everything looked perfect. Call me crazy however, I can assure you that there was a slight “new purse” scent.
There were two major distinctions on many of the imitations I bought online or were able to see in the quality and stitching. The leather often felt really poor quality and the stitching was often not smooth, but rather wonky. However, with this bag, I’m happy to report that the leather appears and feels luxurious however the stitching is well-organized and tidy.

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